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you have successfully reduced your carbon footprint, You're cleaning water in Brazil, protecting biodiversity in Indonesia, empowering women in Rwanda, improving food security in Guatemala, helped fight back against forest fires across

America, and made an artist in North London smile.

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SAFFRON ALCHEMY LONDON candles are quite possibly the most luxurious earth loving candle on the planet and here's why:

  • Locally sourced Beeswax not only does it smell divine, it contributes to the repopulation of British bees, more eco-friendly compared to paraffin and palm, and did you know that beeswax actually purifies the air with the release of negative ions.

  • Essential Oils, unlike most brands we do not use chemicals to fragrance our wax, we only ever use soil association approved essential oils which in turn protects the earth and benefits your health.

  • 100% recycled and recyclable packaging.

  • For every candle sold a tree sapling is planted on your behalf, thus restoring the wildlife, empowering local people and saving the planet.

 " Loving my new aromatherapy candles! 

Can't wait to try more fragrances, they are divine."

- Louise R

Every single item on was thought out, planned and created in a little studio at the bottom of a north London terrace house garden.

Every painting is an original signed one off piece of the artist's Imagination,

Every candle was hand poured and packaged,

and every item sold helps a real life human live her dream.

Saffron Biasio studied Art and Design at The College of Arts after the birth of her first child in 2003. Saffron's style has progressed into modern, fluid and contemporary, with influences from nature and popular culture intertwining in abstract form. Saffron flows between many styles and mediums to keep her work fresh, current and innovative.

 Saffron's second passion is sustainable living and this reflects not only in her art but also in her crafts. Saffron wanted to understand the health and beauty industry and how it could be improved ecologically, so became a fully qualified beautician from The London College of Beauty Therapy in 2014 and a qualified Aromatherapist  shortly after.

Saffron Alchemy formally Crafty Cow was born in 2017 from Saffron's love of crafts,holistics and a deep rooted passion for nature. Her hand-poured candles are an all natural alternative to the high-street chemically laced brands. Saffron Alchemy Candles are a unique blend of beeswax, coconut oil or soy wax, fragranced with organic aromatherapy grade oils with soothing crackling wicks. Saffron Alchemy Candles have many health benefits such as the release of negative ions, aromatherapy wellness and more importantly for every candle purchased a tree is donated and planted in an area effected by deforestation.



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 " I have bought 2 pieces and they are both stunning!

A very talented lady. ""

- Rosana L

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